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* DLP TechnologyLED lightsource159*120*39mm mini size500g lightweighttiny body but multifunction.
* Support all popular 3D format
* Nickel lon plated cooling will not burn in.Fast cooling speedsmall noise.
* Give you a quiet and comfortable home theater environment."
* Only 0.5kg and is designed to be carried about in a case on your business trips.
* The life span of its Osram LED lam is more than 20000 hours
* LED projector soft light does no harm to your eyes and makes you feel more comfortable even when you watch the screen for a long time.
* Supports 3Dscreeningenabling you to turn any white wall intocinema and to enjoy movies with your family and friends at home.
* 10000:1 contrast with much rich image. Perfect color screenreappear natural real image."
* Native resolution is 1280*800 and supports 1080pensuring color clearnesssaturation and dynamic contrast ratio of images.


*Specialized in Mini DLP LED Smart Projector | Years OEM & ODM Service*

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